Q1) Who are UK Football Trials? Why do UK Football Trials Exist!?

"We believe that every footballer in the world deserves an opportunity to showcase their ability in front of experts. We know there are undiscovered talented players, some may have "slipped through the net," some need a first chance, some need get back into the game after being released. Why we exist is to give everyone that chance and open the doors of opportunity. We are here to help you." UKFT are an honest and ethical group of expert UEFA qualified coaches, scouts and former pro players. We run 2- 3 hour, quality, UK wide football trials for players aged 10-28. It’s simple – if you have the talent, we have the contacts from Premier League to Semi Pro, UK wide. At trials we encourage, ensuring we build confidence and help everyone improve their game on and off the field. Our trials are for players looking for an opportunity to get a trial with a professional or semi professional football club, or to improve their game and the level of football they are currently playing. Selected players (and their parents) are well looked after by an FA Licenced and FIFA Registered support team, who will guide them through the whole process. Our Head Coaches have the highest coaching qualification in the world, honesty is our philosophy, we operate the right way, in a friendly yet professional manner from the moment you contact us.

Q2) How Do UK Football Trials Get Players Pro Trials?

UKFT has a "Head of Player Placement" who is a full time FA Licenced and FIFA registered agent. UKFT also uses incredible coaches who are well connected to football clubs, UK Wide, from Premier League to Semi Pro. At every trial there will be a UEFA Pro Licence coach. What's that? Well - this is the HIGHEST level of football coaching qualification in the world. This means you will be tested, watched and coached by some of the best people in the football industry. If they think you are good enough, the coaches will use their contacts within the clubs to get you a pro club trial. Our Head of Player Placement has an incredible list of contacts within the clubs - it's like having a scout who works for 60 clubs watching you!

Q3) Will There Be Scouts In Attendance?

We are an honest & ethical company - here's the concept: We do invite scouts from clubs and yes sometimes they do attend, but if they don't it makes no difference! Be "careful" of any company that claims to have lots of Premier League scouts attending. We use extremely well respected and recognised coaches, and the head coaches always have the highest level of coaching qualification in the world. So - Professional and semi professional clubs are happy to accept players based on our Pro Licence coaches’ recommendation. Our head of player placement is the equivalent of a "Super Scout" with links to huge numbers of clubs throughout the UK! Within our network - you name a club - we have a contact.

Q4) What Are My Chances Of Getting Sent To A Pro Club Trial?

It totally depends on how good you are! Being a professional footballer is not easy and we will only put forward players our UEFA Pro Licence coaches think are good enough. The pro club players are technically excellent and it would not be nice experience if we put a player forward who was not good enough - infact, it could have a negative effect on your confidence. Rest assured - UKFT coaches know how good you need to be for your age!

Q5) What Happens If I Don’t Get Selected?

For players who don’t get selected don’t worry – many trialists go away, work on their weaknesses and come back better! Many players develop physically at totally different ages - someone can be really small at 15 and then grow lots and be a far quicker and stronger player. Some players hit their form at different ages too. For example, early in his career Chritiano Ronaldo was on the fringe of the Man United team and two years later was being hailed as one of the best two players in the world! If you don’t get selected, you can go away practise, and you have the chance of getting spotted next time. Either way, you will experience a few hours at the trial with some of the best coaches in England and you will pick up some Pro tips to improve your play!

Q6) How Do I Book A Trial And Become A Pro?

STEP 1 - REGISTER for FREE on our website (If you have already registered choose LOGIN TO BOOK TRIAL in the GREEN AREA on the homepage STEP 2 - Go to the EVENTS page STEP 3 - BOOK a trial in your area paying securely through PayPal using a debit or credit card. STEP 4 - Attend the TRIAL STEP 5 - If our coaches think you have what it takes to be a pro, we work with you to approach pro clubs and organise pro trials!

Q7) How much do they cost?

They cost £80 and this includes any work done for players on your behalf after the football trial approaching pro clubs. Early bookers can secure the trials cheaper - the minimum price we charge is £50 so keep an eye out on our website, Facebook and twitter. As the trials get booked up the prices rise do book in early to save money!

Q8) Is the new 2014 / 2015 trial format OK for Goal Keepers?

We now have specialist Goal Keeper Sessions at most of our football trial events! Have a look at the TRIAL DATES page and make sure you spot the Goal Keeper image. They are run by Premiership Goal Keeper Coaches and we have huge number of success stories from them already in 2014! Again ALL Goal Keepers get a graded assessment on 10 areas of their game to take away on the day of the football trial!

Q9) Who runs the UK Football Trials? Who is the head coach?

Our New Global Head Coach of UK Football Trials is Kevin Kent - a hugely respected and well know figure in the football industry. Read all about Kevins amazing football experience as a player and coach in our MEET THE TEAM. Our previous coaches over thel last 4 years include John Dungworth, Ian Whyte and Ex England International player Gary Stevens! Our football trials in 2015 will always be run by industry experts with an outstanding record. We have assembled a coaching team fit to grace any professional club - you can read about them in our "Meet The Team" section.


REGISTRATION - meet and greet. We speak to all players and parents individually, welcome you and check your date of birth and age. COACH INTRODUCTION A warm welcome from the Head Coach and assistant coaches to explain how the day will work. PLAYERS AGED 10-14. A dynamic warm up and stretch to get you really focused and switched on. Then an exciting 75 minute session with a superb coach. You then go straight into a small sided game for 45 minutes. The coach will look at a few areas of your game and score you on a sheet, given to you on the day to enable feedback about your performance. We then have a debrief after the 2 hour trial and give you a document to help you understand what you were scored on and how to improve those areas of your game! Parents and players are then welcome to ask the coaches questions. Selected players are called within a week of the last trial day that month. PLAYERS AGED 15+. Experience a typical pro club session and assessment. 1 hour 40 minutes with your coach to include a dynamic warm up and stretch to get you really focused and switched on. You then have session time to look at different parts of your game with verbal feedback throughout, however this is an assessment not a coaching day. You then have a drink break as we organise players into teams. GAME TIME Your chance to show your game playing ability. Play on a full size pitch in an 11 vs 11 situation for 20 minutes at a time. Teams will rotate, and players not participating will be put through a speed and agility test. The coaches will be looking at your ability to create space, vision, awareness, communication, confidence, ability to do the simple things well, your fitness and overall effectiveness. FEEDBACK You will be given a group discussion about your performances with your coach. We provide you with your speed and agility times on the day with a document to help you improve these parts of your game, plus other important aspects too. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT PROVIDE INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK - the coaches don't want to spend their time with their heads in clipboards! Players that we believe we can put forward to pro clubs will be contacted within a week of the last trial day that month. HEAD COACH DEBRIEF & FINISH The Head Coach will give you his thoughts on the day. You have the chance to speak to the coaching team with any questions you may have!

Q11) Can my parents / guardian, come along to watch?

YES OF COURSE! Players who are 16 and under should be accompanied by a responsible adult. All parents are welcome to come and able to chat to the coaches if they have any questions! Make sure you wrap up warm in winter - some even bring a supportive banner or pom poms - it's up to you!

Q12) My parents / guardian want to ask you some questions - How can they contact you?

Great! We are a helpful friendly bunch at UK Football Trials. We welcome the chance to answer any questions and queries you might have before you pay for your trial place. CALL: 0845 496 1213. TEXT / Call - 077915 888 91. Email: info@ukfootballtrials.com. If you love Facebook - LIKE our page "UK Football Trials" and drop us a message. Prefer Twitter? No worries - @ukfootballtrial (Please note that during weekends and trial weeks, it might not be possible to respond to calls and emails immediately)

Q13) What do I need to take to the football trials?

Equipment: Shin pads, football kit, training jacket, Astro boots / blades / mouldies - NO METAL STUDS! Please bring a jacket and trousers to keep you warm during the feedback sessions. Drink: Plenty of fluids for throughout the day

Q14) What are the age limits? How does age effect my chances?

Players must be between 10 and the limit is 28. Players aged 10-17 are still able to compete for spaces within academies, development centres, centres of excellence, scholarships and first year pro contracts. PLAYERS AGED 18+ need to be realistic. Without any pro club experience your first objective needs to be a semi pro club - but with one or two good season, players do move up the ranks - it is unlikely a Premiership or Championship club would take you on immediately, however there are plenty of examples of players (Chris Smalling, Jermaine Beckford, DJ Campbell, Ian Wright, Steve Bruce) who have started in the lower leagues and worked up through the ranks.

Q15) Where are your football trials?

We hold football trials in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Swansea, Essex, Leeds, Scotland, Plymouth and Bristol - so all over the UK and overseas! Have a look on our TRIAL DATES page for locations. The football trials are rotated each school holiday to make sure we get a football trial running close to you!

Q16) How many people go to the football trials?

We limit our football trials to just 48 players. We feel it is important to not have groups which are too big to ensure our coaches can watch every player closely to see how you perform in the skills and game situations. You’ve paid the money so deserve to have a fair chance!

Q17) What happens after the football trials? How do I get into pro club football trials?

After the trial: UKFT coaches discuss the players and decide which players we would like to put forward to a higher level club – at either semi pro or pro level. IF YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED • FREE - Pro player UKFT CV • FREE – we contact the clubs most suitable for your next trial. • FREE – we organise the semi pro or pro player trials for you. IF CLUBS WANT TO SIGN YOU WE CAN ADVISE YOU AND PLACE YOU WITH A TRUSTED AGENT TO AVOID THE PITFALLS OF SIGNING A BAD CONTRACT OR GETTING TIED DOWN TO THE WRONG CLUB! We work with a trusted FA Registered Lawyer and Licenced Agent who offer free advice for our players!

Q18) Can you guarantee me a pro club football trial?

No we can’t – no trials company can (and if they say they can then you need to be very cautious). Remember though - we want to select players! It depends on how you perform on the day. Only the players from the trial that our coaches judge to be at a level where they would be compete for a pro club place best based on your performance will be put forward to professional clubs. It’s important to understand it is an extremely competitive industry. However, even if you don’t get put forward to a pro club, our Head Coach will offer advice, you will have tested yourself against some great players, will learn some new drills to practice and most importantly ENJOY it!

Q19) Can you help International players outside the UK?

YES WE NOW CAN! We have teamed up with one of the world's leading international schools who offer incredible football and education courses from 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 months to 1 Year options! PLAYERS MUST ENROLL WITH THE SCHOOL TO QUALIFY, but this includes help and support with visas, players food & accommodation, coaching, football or English lessons, Old Trafford Stadium tours and a trial with us!! Have a look at the NEW Tab - "non UK Players" for all the details about this exciting partnership for the 2014 / 2015 season! Enquire if you want more information!

20) What about refunds or if I can't make it?

We understand that sometimes your circumstances change and in football you may get an injury or have an emergency. If this happens please send the office team an email and we will do our best to help. Please note that if our trials sell out, we turn away players who want to come, so the Directors of the company will make an informed decision about if we can transfer you on to our next set of events or not. If you have a genuine reason we will do our best to help. Please note that we do not offer refunds, but can trasnfer you onto later events for a valid reason with at least 48 hours notice.

Q2) How can I be sure this is genuine?

Great question! As parents ourselves, we know that there is nothing more important than finding a company that is credible, that you can trust, with a proven track record. UK Football Trials is now the world's leading football trials company, having placed more players into pro and semi pro club trials than anyone else in the world. So where is the evidence!? Well - check out just some of these players on our Success Stories page. PLUS - we are the ONLY football trials company in the world to use an independent feedback review company FEEFO to show completely transparent reviews of our trials. Go to our homepage, click the icon bottom right that says 96% review rating and see over 365 reviews from players and parents about how they found our experience! 96% of our customers rate us Excellent or Good - we are GOLD trusted merchant from Feefo - you can read the positive reviews and bad reviews and our responses to those - have a look - we are proud of our performance BUT - every trial set - we are improving and will continue to do so!

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Why you should come to a UK Football Trials event!

  • Be coached & tested by World Class UEFA "Pro or A" Licence coaches
  • UEFA qualified coaches, pro club scouts, and UK Football Trials Head of Player Placement will watch your trial
  • If you impress we send you straight to trials for clubs near you, at the right level
  • Pro club opportunities from Premier League to Semi Pro, UK wide and internationally
  • Superb UK Wide locations - surfaces used by the pro players - all weather, full size 3G pitches
  • Dynamic, high tempo, enjoyable "assessment" not "coaching" to keep all players on the move
  • 10-14 year olds receive a graded assessment on 10 criteria with same day feedback document to help improve areas of your game, a 75 minute session and a 45 minute small sided match.
  • 15+ years old have a 90 minute session followed by 40 minutes of 11 vs 11 on a full size 3G pitch with a speed & agility test and document to improve strength & conditioning
  • UK Football Trials player CV after the trial - just email us and we send you one free!
  • All players notified with 7 days of the last monthly trial set with a decision based on the independent decision of UK Football Trials Coaches, UK Football Trials Head of Player Placement & Pro Club Scouts.
  • Selected players are supported by UK Football Trials Tony Awor - an FA Licenced and FIFA Registered agent
  • Q&A from all coaches after the trial for you and your parents
  • Help from the UK Football Trials team to assist you in your football playing career
  • PLEASE NOTE - Players aged 15+ must self assess their performance, we do not offer individual feedback as this skill is all part of becoming a better footballer
  • A memorable day out - you will learn a lot, enjoy it and become a better player!